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Parcel Shipments
Less Truck Loads from Europe
OCEAN FREIGHT - reliable route to reduce transport charges


CliFar could provide you with wide range Import/Export services at almost all Airports in Germany for all kinds of Air Cargoes: General Cargo (GCR), DGR Cargo and Perishable

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CliFar is providing Sea Freight for its valuable customers in accordance to their demands. Thanks to the great experienced team, CliFar is able to provide various solutions on with the best carriers in the world for your shipments wether it’s normal , OOG or Bulk.

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CliFar is handling road freights via two strategical facilities for best solutions and after all a smooth deliveries & satisfactory services for your shipments.

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CliFar has scale, experience, knowledge and equipment to provide for a fast and reliable transit of  your goods, while leveraging the latest technologies and focusing on sustainability. Using our  intermodal transport services not only saves you time and money; it also reduces your business’s  carbon footprint. CliFar team specialise in developing tailor-made integrated haulage services that  meet your supply chain requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help with your dry, reefer  or project cargo.



Value Added Services


By combining CliFar warehousing and storage solutions with our transportation services, you can  simplify your supply chain and enjoy a smooth end-to-end experience. Clients also save time, as  they’ll have a single contact for the whole procedure. Such efficient approach leads to better flow  and more economical solution on both long and short terms. 

We offer comprehensive picking/packing, unloading, labelling and palletising. This means that we  not only transport your goods quickly and safely, but we can also play a key role in coordinating  your distribution network. With a special emphasis on customer care, our experts will provide an  individual solution based on every customer demands.


Import – Export

Customs services are essential for every multinational business. At CliFar, we are determined to  make your customs process simple in an increasingly complex marketplace.  Through CliFar Customs Services, clients will simplify their imports and exports in Germany as well  as various European Countries. CliFar Customs experts provide a smooth compliance process to  help keep your goods moving round the clock. Additionally, you also get the flexibility of adding  customs at the time of booking your shipment or at a later stage 

Thanks to the IT team of CliFar and by utilising up to date technology, CliFar is providing digitalised  solutions to its clients through its self-developed logistics software at their convenience. CliFar Data Integrations offers clients a choice of solutions to integrate data from multiple sources and to  control supply chain efficiencies while having complete visibility. Not only we at CliFar are providing  our clients with fast and 24/7 accessible information but we do also protect our planet earth and  have drastically reduced our paper consumption. 

Contact us now to get quote for all your global shipping needs.


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