Less Truck Loads from Europe

October, 2016

CliFar is now offering fast solution for LTL cargoes from Europe to Iran.

For your Less Truck Loads (LTL) cargoes we now offer a scheduled service with fare prices, with this service your esteemed company will benefit from our scheduled fast service from all over Europe to Tehran.

Your shipments will be planned and will be scheduled as it is on the way to our warehouse. Therefore, you will benefit from this time saving in distributing your merchandise in the market.

Our services for LTL cargoes are:

Fast Collection , Warehousing , Labeling , Customs Declaration and Direct Planning on some Urgent Cargoes.

By booking your cargo with CliFar you could follow the position of your cargo till delivery to the consignee, thanks to our united database. You will also receive updates regarding the position of your cargo from our Operations Dep.

For any questions and queries we will be more than happy to hear from you.

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Address: Josef Str. 37, D-78166 Donaueschingen, Germany

Tel: +49 771 9294 7404

Fax: +49 771 1751 5252

Email: info@clifar.de


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