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August, 2016

CliFar offers scheduled container services for your ocean cargoes from all over Europe to different seaports in Middle East (incl. Iran, India, UAE & Kuwait) and Far East.

For industries searching for solutions from Europe to Iran, we are now providing direct sea freights to Iranian ports including:

  • Bandar Abbas
  • Khorramshahr
  • Bushehr

We will collect your cargo from anywhere in Europe and will send via one of below ports:

Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Felixstowe, Castellon, Barcelona, Marseille, Genoa, Salerno

CliFar is providing a comprehensive service on your shipments from all over Europe to your destination; Our services include Pickup, Warehousing , Stuffing & Lashing , Port Handling and finally loading your container on deck so it is good to start its journey toward destination.

You only have to provide us with complete info of your cargo and we will take care of the rest… Your cargo will be there on time! For any questions and queries we will be more than happy to hear from you.

Our Services, Your Comfort…

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Address: Josef Str. 37
D-78166 Donaueschingen

Tel: +49 (0)771 9294 7404

Fax: +49 (0)771 1751 5252

Email: info@clifar.de

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Address: Josef Str. 37, D-78166 Donaueschingen, Germany

Tel: +49 771 9294 7404

Fax: +49 771 1751 5252

Email: info@clifar.de


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