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November, 2016

The shipment of disassembled crane parts used for industrial purposes.

The cargo was handled by CliFar’s professional team who has worked more than one and a half month on this multimodal transport and have successfully delivered these goods at the right time to destination.

It was consist of 5 oversize crane items which weight more than 118 tons. Main Girders - each more than 30 meters long and 50 tons - were the most sensitive part of this shipment.

With a precise schedule and a responsible team at CliFar the cargo was delivered to the port by trucks with special trailers; It was right on time to be loaded on deck quickly after the arrival at port, and carried by a scheduled vessel to the port of destination.

For such cargoes we always have to gather a professional team who has experience in handling such oversize and overweight shipments, So no harm and damages could appear to the items.

You will hear more about us soon...

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